Special Situations Merchant Bank

VAR Group is an Israel-based global special situations merchant bank with investment, management and advisory capabilities.

Since its inception in 2001, VAR Group has been involved in over 200 companies from all over the globe in different industries; helping companies, investors, and creditors in restructurings, turnarounds, special M&A’s, court & out-of-court cases including active management and debt/equity investments.

VAR works with top tier funds, banks, financial institutions, companies (including Fortune 500) and other stakeholders in different sectors including Technology and Life Sciences, Real Estate, Holding Companies, Retail, Industrial, and others with a wide network of contacts and deal flow re distressed opportunities.

Offices in Israel with local affiliates in other geographies.

Ability to source, structure, and invest in transactions; as well as manage, restructure, sell and foreclose if necessary.

Professional team with portfolio management capabilities.


Offers a range of “Special Situations” oriented services including corporate recovery and turnaround, financial and debt restructuring, winding downs, bankruptcies, interim management, financial consulting and reports and special mergers and acquisitions.


VAR provides a range of advisory services relating to Special Situations from Analysis and operational; valuations & modeling, to client business representation in transactions, advising on turnaround, restructuring and winding down plans, serve as a financial expert (including in court cases) and others while working with financial institutions, banks, investors, company management and government offices.


Proprietary investing that employs event-driven strategies to realize excess, risk-adjusted, returns. Capital preservation is stressed. Among our investors are large US asset management firms, as well as other non-Israeli entities and private investors seeking non-correlated investments and alpha.